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General Catalog Index
Twinkling LED Strings
12-volt LED strings
(for your car, boat, carriage or lawn tractor!)
Battery-Operated LED Light Strings (for wreaths, raves, bikes)
LED Gifts & Candles
(Unique gifts for all ages)
Specials & Clearance
Replaceable C7 LED Bulbs!
Replaceable C9 LED Bulbs!
LED Christmas & Holiday Light Strings
Accessories & Installation
LED Replacement  Bulbs for household and commercial use.
LED Rave & Party Center
LED Commercial Light Strings
Mood Lights
(LED blending-colors lamps)
Storage Reels for light strings
Disk Batteries--spares for your tea lights
Lawn & Garden Lighting: Glow Stones (you gotta see these! VERY POPULAR)
Just Arrived!
Gifts, Fun, & Educational Things (non-LED) (more gifts for all ages)
Electronics: Kill-A-Watt Elec. Meter (you need this bargain-priced meter!)
Gifts by price point
Patriotic Red, White & Blue LED Strings
Videos of LED products
(Need high speed to view)
Ty® Beanies & Other Plush
(self-explanatory, isn't it?)
LED Flashlights & Night Lights
Customer Comments
Photos of YOUR lights! Submit your photos & include the story behind your display. Email
Note Cards, Calendars, Bookmarks, Stationery (coming soon!)
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Random Acts of Kindness
Energy Books
Energy Journals

"The best selection of LED lights and light strings year-round!"

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Number of different products
available in each Department
(this is not an inventory count)

Accessories & Supplies  
Cheaper by the dozen  
Clearance & Specials (Look here first)  
Energy-Use Monitoring Devices Kill-A-Watt  
Gifts, Lights & Fun Things (non LED)  
Gifts, Lights & Fun Things (non LED)/ Floral  
Gifts, Lights & Fun Things (non LED)/ Fun Light Strings (non LED)  
Gifts, Lights & Fun Things (non LED)/ Plush Animal Purses (really cute)  
Gifts, Lights & Fun Things (non LED)/ Ty Beanies & other plush gifts  
Lawn & Garden/ Lighting  
LED Lighting/ Accent Lighting - Edison (normal screw-in)  
LED Lighting/ C7 LED Bulbs  
LED Lighting/ C9 LED Bulbs  
LED Lighting/ Color Combinations  
LED Lighting/Color Swap/ Color Swap C7  
LED Lighting/Color Swap/ Color Swap C9  
LED Lighting/ Color-Changing  
LED Lighting/ Flashlights & Nightlights  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ 12-Volt  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Battery Operated  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ C6 (Strawberry or Cone shape)  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ C7 (traditional-size Cone)  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ C9 (large outdoor-sized Cone)  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Color-Changing, Color-Blending  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Commercial C6 (small Cone)  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Commercial C7 (traditional-size Cone)  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Commercial C9 (large outdoor-size Cone)  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Commercial G25 (large Globe)  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Commercial M5 (Mini Ice)  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Commercial Twinkling  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Dome (focused) shape  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ G12, G25, G50 (Razzberry or Globe shape)  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ G25 1-inch Globe  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ G50 Globe Shape  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Garland Lights  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Halloween  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Icicles Strings  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ LED Rope Lights  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Lower-priced LED strings  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ M5 Faceted (Mini-Ice shape)  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Outdoor Displays  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Patriotic  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ RichWave  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Unusual  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/Unusual/ Gum Drops  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/Unusual/ Snowflakes  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/Unusual/ Stars  
LED Lighting/Holiday Lighting/ Wide Angle  
LED Lighting/ Line Voltage  
LED Lighting/ Spot Lighting - Edison Base (normal screw-in)  
LED Lighting/ Team Colors  
LED Lighting/Track & Spot Lighting/ Candelabra E12 Screw Base  
LED Lighting/Track & Spot Lighting/ GU10 Bipin Twist-Lock Base  
LED Lighting/Track & Spot Lighting/ Medium E27 Screw Base  
LED Lighting/Track & Spot Lighting/ MR16 Bipin Base  
LED Lighting/ Track & Spot Lighting - MR16 Base  
LED Lighting/ Unique LED Gifts & Candles  
LEDs for Parties & Raves  
Patriotic (Non-LED)  


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